My Life List

I have always had a life list of sorts…even from when I was in high school. This list has taken many forms and has changed and adapted more times than I can remember. After running across Maggie Mason’s blog Mighty Girl and finding her life list, I was inspired to get mine together and make it something more organized and, for lack of a better term, real. I feel like people are more likely to accomplish their goals, aspirations, and ambitions when they are sitting in front of you, taunting you, and begging you to cross them off your list.

Skydiving is laughing at you…ziplining in Costa Rica says “Bring it”….and tasting 1000 wines says “I dare you”

Are you gonna take that?

Hell no!

You look that wine in the eye and say “Lets do this”

Here is my list, 100+ things that I want to do/experience/try in my life time.

Come on list…Lets do this.

1. Step foot in all 50 states before I’m 50
– Georgia
– Alabama
– Florida
– Pennsylvania
– California
– Tennessee
– South Carolina
– North Carolina
– Ohio
– Nevada
– Arizona
– Washington
– Mississippi
– New Orleans
– Utah
– Indiana
– Virginia
– Hawaii
2. Step foot on every continent
– North America
3. Get my toes wet in every ocean
– Atlantic
– Pacific
4. Own my own house
5. Own my own car
6. Cross the Canadian Border
7. Hike on ancient Mayan Ruins
8. See the sunrise over Ayers Rock
9. Swim with Dolphins
10. Learn to Snorkel -10-12-09 Snorkel cruise in Kanapalli, Maui
11. Ride in a Hot Air Balloon
12. See all 7 natural wonders of the world
13. Hike/Camp in all National Parks in the US and fill my NPS passport with Stamps.
– Great Smokey Mountains
– Zion
– Bryce Canyon
– Acadia
14. Hike/Camp in all State Parks in GA
15. Hike the AT completely (section hike)
16. Hike on the long trails of the US
– Appalachian Trail
17. Caving in New Mexico
18. Mardi Gras
19. Go Sailing -10-12-09 Snorkel cruise in Kanapalli, Maui
20. Learn to Scuba Dive
21. Zip line through a canopy – 12-05 in Costa Rica with Ryce & Jen Elliott
22. Experience real powder snow
23. Have a white Christmas 12-25-10 It snowed in Georgia!
24. Learn to Ski
25. Attempt Snowboarding
26. Love someone unconditionally
27. Have a photograph printed publicly
28. Graduate college 5-28-04 BS in Biology from KSU
29. Use my degree to its potential
30. Make a difference in someone’s life
31. Volunteer at 50 different places
– Trees Atlanta 3-20-10 with Chuck
32. Donate to 50 different causes
– MS Walk 2007
– Circle of Hope 2008, 2009
– Breast Cancer 3-Day 2008, 2009
33. Do a surgery – Spayed a stray cat that I rescued, 2003
34. Build something from scratch
35. Make something to give as a gift instead of something store bought
-Diaper Cake for Meg Wrights’ baby shower 2-20-10
36. Learn to sew
37. Make something beautiful
38. Foster a dog and be able to let it go when a good home turns up
39. Take a photography class – 7-31-10 Digital 101 Monica B Studios
40. Take my parents on vacation
41. Drink wine in Italy
42. Have pasta in France
43. Take a road trip across the US
44. Have high tea in Britain
45. Make a loaf of bread from scratch
46. Go dog sledding
47. See and photograph the Northern Lights
48. Grow and Eat my own vegetables – 6-10-09 Lettuce, Green Beans, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Green Onion, and Carrots!
49. Plant a tree -3-20-10 with Chuck, through Trees Atlanta
50. See a Broadway Play in New York
51. Have a big family Christmas at our house
52. See wild horses running free
53. Photograph people holding hands
54. Document the waterfalls of GA
55. Pick strawberries with my Dad
56. Camp under a full moon
57. Bring back the art of letter writing
58. Finish my scrapbooks for 2007, 2008, 2009
59. Learn to cook something that everyone loves!
60. Learn to make basic pastries from scratch: Cake, cookies, brownies, pie, cheesecake.
61. Learn how to properly hold a baby
62. Paint a room with a bold color! -Chucks office – rainforest green! 2-24-10
63. Make a old piece of furniture new again 1-25-10 Sanded, painted, replaced hardware on my desk
64. Pick my own flowers for my table
65. Ride on a train
66. Stand at the Equator
67. Stand at the Prime Meridian
68. Touch a glacier
69. See the sunrise at Stonehenge
70. Hike in the Alps
71. Have an amazing time in Spain
72. Attend a Professional Soccer Match
73. Attend a Steelers game in Pittsburgh
74. Hug a giant Redwood Tree
75. Pay for a strangers dinner
76. Stand on top of the Sears Tower, Eiffel Tower, Empire State Building, Stratosphere 5-18-07 with Chuck, and Statue of Liberty.
77. See the spring flowers at Joshua Tree
78. Get a drink from a swim up bar
79. Ride in a helicopter
80. Have a house with a front porch, a fireplace, a garden tub, a den, a two car garage, and a garden
81. Try stand up paddle boarding
82. Own and use a kayak regularly
83. Go to a wine festival
84. Make my own piece of art work for our house
85. Have tapas in Barcelona
86. Kiss an elephant on the trunk
87. Celebrate my 1st, 5th, 10th, 20th, 30th, 40th, 50th etc. anniversaries with the man I love
88. Own a beautiful piece of original art
89. Swim with manatees
90. Fly 1st class on a long flight
91. Own our very own cabin in the mountains
92. Power our house with solar panels
93. Host a real tea party at my house
94. Hike 5000 miles – Started logging in 2006.
2006 – 226 miles, 157 hours, 21 trails, 40 hikes
2007 – 143.5 miles, 126 hours, 30 trails, 30 hikes
2008 –
95. Make a snow angel as an adult
96. Make 5 delicious mixed drinks
97. Vacation with friends – 6-08-08 Hilton Head Island, SC with Sarah & Chris James, Jen Spiegel & Rob Harper
8-12-10 Hilton Head Island, SC with Sarah & Chris James, Jen Spiegel & Rob Harper (again) 😀
98. Travel internationally with friends 12-05 Costa Rica with Jen & Ryce Elliott & Jimmy Elliott
99. Attend 500 concerts (started in 2006 when Chuck and I met)
-9-03-06 Counting Crows – Lakewood, Atlanta
-12-13-07 Sister Hazel – The Roxy, Atlanta
-4-13-08 Matt Nathanson – Acoustic Sunset in Smyrna
-8-13-08 Jack Johnson – Lakewood, Atlanta
-8-23-08 Sister Hazel – Chastain Amphitheater
-5-09-09 Shawn Mullins – Woodstock outdoor concert
-5-08-10 Sister Hazel – Woodstock outdoor concert
-8-05-10 Sarah McLachaln – Chastain Amphitheater
-2-04-11 Guster – Tabernacle
100.Write a travel book for a specific place, even if I’m the only one that ever reads it
101. Do 100 fun things with my parents, as a grown up!
– 3-9-10 Orchid Daze with Mom at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens
and lunch at Mary Macs Tea Room
– 3-30-10 Atlanta Thrashers game with Dad
– 6-20-10 Car History exhibit at the High with Dad for Fathers Day
– 6-27-10 Bowling with Mom and Dad for Dads Birthday
102. Hike an active volcano – 10-09-09 Haleakela Volcano Maui, Hawaii
103. Pay off my student loans
104. See the bats fly at dusk from Carlsbad Caverns National Park, New Mexico
105. Attend service at the Vatican
106. Swim in the Mediterranean Sea
107. Swim with bioluminescent plankton in Puerto Rico
108. See the lighthouses in Maine 10-03-10 1st anniversary trip with Chuck
109. Fly through the air on a trapeze
110. Do the 365 Photography project
111. Say a prayer in a monastery
112. Hike in the Alps
113. Enjoy tasting 500 different blends of tea.
114. Experience 1000 new restaurants
     – Toast – Charleston, SC 7-09-10
     – Garibaldi’s – Charleston, SC 7-10-10
     – Benihana – Atlanta, GA 7-25-10 for Mom’s birthday
     – Roast Fish and Cornbread – Hilton Head, SC 8-14-10
115. See the fall leaves in Maine -10-3-10 with Chuck 1st Anniversary
116. Photograph a Glacier before they’re all gone
117. Enjoy a Wine tasting at each of the 9 Georgia Wineries
– Wolf Mountain – 2007
118. See lava flowing into the ocean
119. Experience weightlessness
120. Photograph a child blowing the petals off a dandelion
121. Drink a glass of wine in each of the top wine making countries in the world. United States, Spain, Italy, Australia, Argentina, France, Portugal, Germany, Chile, South Africa .

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